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Welcome to the Show

We've been taking a little break due to health problems and will be back on stage in late May. We're all jones'n to play though & have been keeping up regular rehearsals... revising some dusty originals and learning some new songs for Nina. Our summer is getting booked already and it should be another great time. Check out the calendar for our long range schedule.

A special thanks to everyone who came to our recent gigs! We're very gratified so many of you showed up. What a great time! We've been working hard to add new material and your response makes it all worth it. The clubs continue to notice....

Check out our schedule for upcoming shows and watch as this site evolves. New audio, more pics, more complete info. on each of us, what kind of instruments we play and equipment we use. Please join our newsletter list and we'll keep you posted via email. We want this site to make it easy for you to follow the Motherlode Canyon Band.

Motherlode Canyon Band
2384 Doc Holliday
Park City, UT 84060


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Event Calendar

May 27th and June 4th:

The Spur

Audio Samples

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